Johanna Lettmayer

AAA. anecdotal / academic / anarchistic

AAA - anecdotal / academic / anarchistic is a performative lecture and conversation between an artist and an interpreter on the topic of language, how it can be employed and how it shapes reality. The artist moves between anecdotal, academic and anarchistic styles and describes ways of conducting and disseminating artistic research through language. The interpreter translates into the Norwegian more or less successfully, depending on the grade of anarchy the script takes on. Half way into the lecture the hierarchical relationship of lecturer who leads and interpreter who follows is threatened by an interpreter who develops and articulates own ideas on the topic at stake. 

The language one speaks or writes shapes the way one thinks. What is thinkable in one language might not be thinkable in another. With this lecture performance Johanna Lettmayer creates a situation in which the audience is very directly confronted with the hegemony of English and its implications for the production of ideas and knowledge. A free space appears when two languages collide and get entangled on a stage and when the order of grammar and syntax is challenged.

AAA is an experiment that attempts to open up for new ways of thinking about the language of artistic research.

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Johanna Lettmayer is an Austrian artist based in Bergen. She has a degree in Fine Arts from Bergen Art Academy and in Art History from the University of Vienna. She makes performances and interventions, installations, video and audio works and printed matter. Her works are realized in institutional contexts as well as in public space, visibly staged or as discrete actions.